If you engage in offline community activities, conflicts can inevitably arise.

If you find a member causing harm to others during community activities, please report through the link below! 🚨

Community managers will be on standby 24 hours a day and will take action as soon as possible.

If reports accumulate or issues are serious, restrictions such as a permanent ban on community will apply.

Also, if you register a member to a blacklist, we will send you a warning notification so that the blacklisted person does not overlap with the member who reported.

✅ Report inconvenience and register blacklist

Ongal community open chat room purpose is for announcing meetings, not for socializing.

We will translate all the contents of the meeting into English and announce it so that even beginners of Korean can participate without any inconvenience.

Use the following method to chat with Korean friends in English.

  • We will open a group chat room for the participants 24 hours before the meeting.
    Feel free to say hello in English and listen to detailed explanations about the meeting place and content.
  • If you join the club within the Ongal community, you can talk to Korean friends in English in the club group chat room. (Preparing)
  1. Please fill out the gathering based on the form on the bulletin board!
  2. The community manager will check and contact you individually!
  3. The manager will create and share the details.
  4. After checking the completed details, gathering form will be uploaded!

     Go to hold gathering bulletin board

You can set the participation fee as the host. 😁

Please include the necessary expenses for hosting the gathering(costs) and the host's efforts(service fee) in the participation fee. The set participation fee will be announced to participants as the cost of community operation, including a 20% commission.

  1. If any of the following apply, you must set the entire amount needed for the gathering as the participation fee!
    • If the host incurs labor costs.
    • If the host requires personal account deposits for expenses during gathering preparation (rental, food and drinks, reservation fees, content preparation costs, etc.).
  2. Additional precautions regarding participation fees:
    • All costs associated with the gathering (food, drinks, etc.) must be included in the participation fee.
    • After-gathering gatherings are only exempt from the participation fee if they meet the 1/n criterion, otherwise, all expenses must be included in the fee.
    • Conducting private payments or deposits among members, bypassing Ongal, can be a violation of the guidelines and may pose difficulties in case of issues.

The participation fees paid by members will be settled with the hosts the Wednesday following the completion of the gathering.


  1. How much are the expenses required to host the gathering(costs)?
    I plan to provide chicken and beer at ₩15,000 per person.
  2. How much would you like to receive as your host’s efforts(service fee)?
    I'd like ₩5,000 per person for my efforts.
  3. How much will the host receive in total?
    You can receive ₩20,000 per person, including the costs and service fees, on the Wednesday of the following week!

(This will result in a participation fee of ₩24,000, including a 20% commission!)

The ratio of Korean and foreigner participants is set by the host.

When submitting the form, you can specify the number of Korean and foreigner participants separately.

The participation fee will be settled with the hosts on every Wednesday following the end of the gathering.